How to Join SFS or Renew Your Membership

Benefits of Membership

There are various benefits that come with a membership in the
Seattle Folklore Society, including:

  • A subscription to the SFS Flyer, a monthly newsletter of folk,
    ethnic, and traditional music as well as other happenings in the Northwest.
  • Discounts on admissions to all concerts produced by the Society. One ticket discount for Individual/Student/Senior membership per concert. For Household memberships you receive two adult discounts. For an additional $5.00 per adult you receive additional ticket discounts also.
  • Reciprocal privileges with a variety of other folk organizations.

How your Membership makes SFS Mission a Reality

The mission of the Seattle Folklore Society is to preserve and foster awareness and
appreciation of traditional and folk arts through education, outreach, publication and
performance. When you become a member of the Society, you help to make the mission become a
reality for all of us. Your annual membership dues provide just enough money to publish and
mail the Flyer each month. Over the years, SFS has worked hard to keep the overall cost of the
Flyer low and SFS has not raised its membership rates in many years. The Flyer is a key piece
to making our mission real every month by letting you know about the SFS activities that go on
including SFS sponsored concerts, other folk related concerts happening in and around the
Seattle area, the weekly dance events and the weekly Song Circle. The Flyer also provides a
monthly calendar listing and provides a place for SFS members to advertise items for sale or
other various activities in our unclassified section.

But beyond all of this, your membership keeps SFS going year after year – the Society is
now well over 40 years old! During these years, SFS has helped many musicians present their
art through supporting concerts and dances, music camps and other activities. Many of you have
enjoyed these performances, sang many of song through the years at Song Circle or participated
in the camps. This year, SFS is producing its first CD of twelve Seattle artists too. Your
membership is key to allowing these events to occur and it also provides you a discount when
attending these events.

So why am I telling you about this? I want to encourage you to keep your membership
current in SFS so we can continue to keep preserving and fostering awareness and appreciation
of traditional and folk arts through education, outreach, publication and performance in the
Seattle area. I also want to encourage you to ask your friends, neighbors and anyone you know
who appreciates music to join. Word of mouth is the best way to find new members or to renew
old ones so please help us sign up new members. Tell them about the benefits and why you are
a member. And, as you probably already know, the Folklore Society is an all volunteer
organization – we do it for the love of the music, the singing and the dancing, and the
community it creates around it – please help by being our advertisers. Thank you to all
of you who are members and those who have been members too!

Please fill out the registration form (opens in new window). You may pay using the PayPal button below or mail us a check.

Dues are $20 per year for individuals and $25 per year for households.
Student and senior dues are $15 per year. A life membership is $400.

SFS Memberships

If you prefer non-electronic payment, please send a check to:

Seattle Folklore Society – Membership
P.O. Box 30141
Seattle, WA 98113
(206) 528-8546

and tell us you heard about the SFS via the webpage!
If you have questions that this page hasn’t answered, write to the SFS membership volunteers at