April SFS Flyer — printer’s mistake

The April SFS flyer winging its way to you may have someone unusual, or unknown to you listed on your address label. I would like to think that this is the universes way of creating new connections  in the community. You might think that we have messed up our membership database. The reality is that our printers have did something wrong with the list of addresses we sent them, and they have misprinted the additional household members on the wrong flyers.

Our apologies for this, and I hope it has not caused too much distress.

We will be talking with the printer to see how we can avoid this in the future.

–Richard Letts, SFS Membership

JeConte and the Mali Allstars

JeConte and the Mali AllStars, including former member of Habib Koite and Bamada, Djeli Madou Kone talking drummer, and n’goni player will be on a West Coast Tour November 1-23rd, 2014.The record that they recorded during the coup d’etait , ‘The Mali Blues,’ made the top ten list for World Music Central last year and Putamayo listed the record as #4.

They will have several performances in Washington Nov.17-23rd, 2014.

Nov 17: Jazz Alley Seattle, WA

Nov 20: Rhythm & Rye Olympia, WA

Nov 21: ‘ West Africa Live’ a benefit for Gambia HELP and the children at the Town Hall. Later that evening, they will perform at the Royal Room, for the final set, another benefit for Guinea, following the group, ‘ Message from Guinea.’

Nov 22: Maxim’s in Columbia city on the 22nd. The Rafael Tranquilio Band will open for them and it will be a showcase of American and Mali Blues.

Nov 23: an acoustic set for the North West Film and Forum. We are featured in the film,” The Last Song Before the War filmed in Bamako, Mali.”

Nov 23 Rumba Notes Lounge, a new African lounge that opened two weeks ago, also located in Columbia City.

You can find more information on their tour here:



October SFS Flyer

Unfortunately about 16 SFS members didn’t receive the SFS flyer in October as Comcast decided to break receiving eMail for all of their customers. Hopefully they will fix this for next month…

The error that the other server returned was:

554 resomta-ch2-13v.sys.comcast.net comcast Port 25 not allowed – http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/internet/email-client-programs-with-xfinity-email/